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Iran Feed and Grain Importers Union (IFGIU) was established to facilitate and organize the process of importing livestock inputs (barley, corn, grains, and soybean meal). In line with this purpose it has already benefited from the support rendered by the private sector.

This Union with more than 84 companies in private sector is responsible for supplying the livestock inputs of Iran, which is more than 15 million tons per year, along with state-owned companies whose worth is 8 billion dollars.

Mr. Abolhassan Khalili is currently the head of the Iran Feed and Grain Importers Union.

Mr. Mohammad Ali Zeighami, Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Nahavandi, Mr. Davood Rangi are members of the board of directors. Mr. Seyed Jalal Tayba Tayba is a member of the board and treasurer and Mr. Kasra Lashkari is the inspector of Iran Feed and Grain Importers Union.