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Code of Ethics

1- The IFGIU, its members and staff as a trade union and a civil society and one of the members of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, have always pledged to maintain the independence, freedom and territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic and all its efforts will be in line with the preservation and protection of the national interests and the Iranian community.


2- As a member of the nation's professional and union associations, the IFGIU always respects and observes the laws, considerations and national interests in its decisions and union measures and carries out the union affairs with active participation of the members and with relying on collective wisdom and consensus.


3- The IFGIU and its members and staff are bound by the principles of human and ethical values and are committed to upholding the principles of righteousness and honesty.


4- In its social role as one of the representatives of the country's private sector trade unions, the IFGIU has spared no effort to remove obstacles and improve business conditions, and in such cases, it merely reflects the views of its members in order to play its role in the sustainable development of the country.


5- In its interactions with members and governmental organizations and institutions, the Chamber of Commerce and other stakeholders and social partners, the IFGIU Union is obliged to comply with the principles of transparency and accountability, and all its actions are always to protect, safeguard and respect rights and social and economic interests of members and to guarantee their social respects.  


6- The IFGIU strives for all possible opportunities to broaden the knowledge and expertise of the members of the Association and to enhance their capabilities, and seeks to share and developed the professional skills of its members and staff as much as possible.


7- The IFGIU is committed to improving its services qualitatively and quantitatively and to improving the professional activities of its members and to shorten the permit issuance process as much as possible and to guarantee their economic and social benefits as much as possible.


8 - The IFGIU Union and its staff strive to further enhance their professional skills in order to further promote their related organizations by taking advantage of all available opportunities and capacities.